I Bet Studies Don’t Say This About…Chocolate

P90x?…Tabata?…Jane Fonda(get out your leg-warmers)?…Westside?…Insanity?…Tae Bo?…Crossfit?…Richard Simmons(get out your short short short shorts…and a box of tissues)?…Wendler 5/3/1?…Body For Life?…Doggcrapp?…TRX?………..Which of these programs is the best to use to reach your fitness goals?  As a Strength Coach, I get asked this question quite often.  My answer is(and I know my clients sometimes hate when I say these words)….”It’s up to you.”  Let me explain with a short story :

About two years ago when Aleck was 5 years old, our family was having breakfast at the bar in the kitchen.  While eating our eggs, between Emma Grace saying, “Hey hey, tomorrow is Taylor Swift’s birthday.  We need to go to her house.”(every 1.3 seconds), and little Ella singing Taylor Swift(ish) songs, Aleck informed us he liked melted chocolate.  I said, “That’s nice….wait how do you know you like melted chocolate?”  Amy asked, “When have you had melted chocolate?”  Aleck then told us he melts his chocolate by putting it on the lamp.  Without saying a word, Amy and I simultaneously lifted ourselves from our bar stools and walked into the living room.  She tilted the lamp shade.  I slowly and cautiously lowered my head as if a monster was going to jump onto my face…sure enough… a chocolate covered light bulb.

What does this have to do with picking the best exercise program?  I would have never thought in my adult life I could have a tasty melted chocolate treat by using a light bulb.  Aleck used an innovative way of thinking we all used when we were children.  When it comes to your fitness, I’m asking you to think like a child.  Yes, you need to be smart and choose a scientifically sound way of training.  Yes, you should always keep your goal in focus and exercise in a way that moves you toward that goal.  Beyond that, have fun.  Enjoy the freedom to exercise however you choose.  Just because you are told you NEED to exercise ONE way through celebrity testimonials, before and after pictures, and other clever marketing techniques, DOES NOT mean it is correct…or a fit for you.  In my expert opinion, any time you hear someone say their way is the only way, it should raise an immediate red flag.

So…..1. Determine your goal    2. Have fun picking, choosing, and designing your exercise program on your way to your goal(if this is the part that stresses you out, have a qualified trainer do it for you.  We LOVE this step!!!)     ***3. ALWAYS ALWAYS REMEMBER : There are more ways than one…..to melt chocolate 🙂

“I just thought of a brilliant idea…I can use a light bulb to melt this joker!!!”



















Hello World…

My name is Anthony Tiller.  I am a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Owner of the personal training studio –  Underdog Fitness & Performance Training in Asheville, NC,  Bodybuilder, and  Father.  I am writing this blog to share with you a blend of all these components in my life while educating, inspiring, and motivating you in a special way.  Hopefully in the writings to come you’ll obtain a crystal clear understanding of what the name of my blog, “onefathersquietstrength” means.  My blog will provide a place for you to obtain scientifically sound information in all aspects of motivation, coaching, strength, conditioning, and nutrition. Honestly, that stuff is easy. I am an expert in this area…it’s easy…and it isn’t what will make this blog special. The meshing of “life stories” and “life lessons” with exercise science, coming from this “Quiet” – Strength Coach…Bodybulider…and Father will hopefully make a difference in your life. If you are one of my clients, you already know how I write, train, and speak….For those of you who do not know, I do not scream or get in people’s faces to motivate them… I do not wear string tank tops and grunt when I lift…and I do not have giant posters of myself in my gym…I do not believe perfecting a person’s outward appearance is my life purpose…I do not believe diet is deprivation or that a person should let eating patterns control their life…I do not believe the world will end if you miss a workout(and neither should you).  Sound crazy coming from a Strength Coach?  Let me explain how I arrived to this way of thinking…

I am an extremely blessed man.  My life and perspective on life was forever changed January 31, 2005.  Our twins were born three months early – Aleck Jeremiah weighing 1 lb 2 ounces, Emma Grace weighing 1 lb 11 ounces.  The ups and downs, the set backs and miracles during our three months in the NICU have made me the man, the father I am today.  Those three months were the toughest days of my life – yet I would not trade them for anything.  The strength, inspiration, and purpose the experience provided and continues to provide is simply immeasurable.  I learned that we truly don’t have control of anything —- and guess what? It’s ok.  I actually found peace in the fact that I don’t have control. I believe God has a plan for each of us.  I learned to realize the pain was and still is preparation for my destiny. Our experiences shape us for what God has planned.  We must simply have faith, discipline, and strength to stay on the path God has set for us.  When my wife Amy and I present our testimony or give talks,  she speaks of miracles, hope, and faith.  I talk about strength…..true strength – not how much you bench press, squat, or deadlift.  Sounds funny coming from a strength athlete, a strength coach, a man whose life is this stuff day in and day out huh?  I’ve bench pressed over 400 lbs, squatted 500 +, and deadlifted over 450lbs.  I’ve won bodybuilding competitions, qualified for Nationals, and trained many champions…….guess what that all means?…….NOTHING! That is not strength. Remember this — True strength comes when you realize your own limitations. True strength comes when you realize God is with you…and you are not alone.  So now you know where my quiet strength comes from…and why, to me, exercise is important, but not everything.  Exercise is only a piece of our responsibility to ourselves and to the world.  I have been witness to the true fragility of life with my own children as they fought for their lives in the NICU.  I have experienced the blessing of being able to discover strength through my own weakness which has shaped me into… One Father…with Quiet Strength.