The Moment…Again

This blogpost is very special to me.  Let me give you a backdrop to this story.  Many of you know our story about the birth of our premature twins…for those of you who do not, click on the “Hello World” tab in this blog.  Many do not know our story about the birth of our little Ella three years later.  To make a long story short(I have journaled about this experience and will blog about it at a later time), Amy was put on bed rest…in the hospital…for about 8 weeks because everyone thought Ella would come even earlier than the twins(Aleck and Emma Grace were born at 27 weeks).  This was a very tough time…for all of us.  I haven’t blogged in awhile because of some things I have been going through lately.  I came across this story as I flipped through my old writings today…seeking inspiration.  This story became the very first printed newsletter piece I wrote for my clients at Underdog.  Last week I posted on Facebook about a guy walking in on my workout and asking me why the heck I was listening to Taylor Swift.  I told him because my little girls sing it to me…that’s why.  I then told people to find their WHY…to know WHY they do what they do…to not care what anyone else thinks…to go get what you want.  A couple of my friends commented on that post.  They asked me where all my wisdom was 20 years ago…when we all could have used it.  I loved that question….but I had no answer.  Today I found it.  Flipping through my writings I found the answer.  I didn’t have it 20 years ago(sorry guys).  The truth is…that wasn’t an accident.  God not only knows what we can handle…he knows exactly when we can handle it.  My experience with our children staying alive when they could have easily died…My experience in seeing other parents suffer a different outcome with their babies…My experience in witnessing miracles…My experience in facing hardships I would have never guessed I could survive… My experience in giving up control…of things I never had control of in the first place…My experience in seeking lessons and hope in everything that happens…Wisdom and awareness were given to me in each and every MOMENT…of each and every experience.  Wisdom is a true blessing and gift given to us ALL…in each of our “moments”.  So I think the answer to the question : Where was this wisdom twenty years ago?…is…It was waiting on me.  The piece you are about to read is one of the main reasons I started to write…to others.  This piece, though roughly and simply written, changed my life.  It changed my life on the exact January night I wrote it in 2008.  It has changed my life today…as I am inspired to finish my next project for my next blog…telling you all where I’ve been for the last month or so…Posted today exactly as it was written 5 years ago…  I hope it changes your life….

“The Moment”

As most of you know, my wife Amy was in the hospital for the last 7 weeks on bedrest.  She was released to go home on bedrest December 22nd.  During those 7 weeks, we were able to settle into a routine with the help of family and friends.  The twins were able to see Amy every day.  Thank you to everyone for so many genuine offers of help and prayer.

The day after Thanksgiving, I brought Aleck and Emma Grace to the hospital to see Amy.  Aleck and I were playing LEGO blocks and Emma Grace, wearing her wig, was dancing circles around us.  I looked up at Amy to see her watching us with a smile on her face.  I felt an immediate peace and overwhelming sense of joy.  I thought, “It does not get ANY better than this.”  After saying our goodbyes for the night, I started to think to myself on the drive home.  I thought, “Your wife has been in the hospital for the last 5 weeks, the twins have had their lives turned upside down, you have a business to run in the middle of all this…and you’re thinking – It does not get any better than this?  Are you insane?”  The more I thought about it, the crazier it seemed.  Later that night, as I was giving Aleck and Emma Grace a bath, and performing a puppet show with Mr. Dragon and Mr. Frog, a burst of happiness occurred again.  Lying in bed that night, a twin on each shoulder, I stared at the ceiling thinking of the day and my moments of happiness.  I want to share with you my theory of “the moment” that came to me as I reflected on the day.  We all have the ability to feel true happiness, joy, and peace.  We all have the ability to have our hearts feel like they will explode because we can’t contain our happiness.  It’s in all of us.  How do we get to it?  Live in the moment.  That’s it.  Live in this very moment.  I had those feelings that day because I experienced a genuine happiness and love from my children and wife.  In the very midst of normally gloomy circumstances, I was able to have the love of family overcome anything and everything else.  How many of us(myself included) have put off our happiness, joy, and/or peace saying, “Well, after I get this job… after I have a child…after my child starts driving…after my child graduates…when I finally make this much money…when I can afford a bigger house…after I remodel this part of my house…when I drive that kind of car…when I can finally stop taking care of my mother or my father…after I lose this weight…when I can just get past this last obstacle…over this last mountain………GUESS WHAT?  Those obstacles and mountains…ARE your life.  We spend so much time trying to get what we think we need to be happy that we miss “the moment” that brings true overwhelming happiness.  There are blessings in each and every situation we face.

Call your Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, child, brother, sister, friend.  Tell them how much you love them, miss them, appreciate them.  Listen to your child – look them in the eyes – really listen to them.  Ask someone how they are doing because you really want to know.  Smile at someone.  Hug someone.  Forgive someone.  Before you know it you’ll be in “the moment”…I guarantee it!!!   Love,   Anthony

“Nothing is worth more than this day.” – Goethe

*** We were blessed to have Ella hang on and come naturally in February of that year… 🙂

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